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Why Ecommerce teams Love intent

Rapid uplift

Find Instant Revenue

Ok, every tool says the money thing, but our product lets you predict a purchase, exit or other key actions. This lets you get out of the way of (and not discount) likely buyers, while giving others the nudge they need. So far it’s created a 9.4% revenue uplift on average.

Long-term growth

Nurture Future Customers

Because eCommerce is so focused on conversion, it’s easy to forget about the person. With Intent, you can be more appropriate to the majority of your visitors who aren’t ready to buy. You can sell like a human and help people through their buying stages.

Unlock customer intent in 3 simple steps


Understand the intent of your visitors and the quality of your traffic.

Get into the model & analytics

Reveal your valuable opportunities and what to do about them.

Read up on segments & insights

Target segments appropriately in real time across your martech stack.

Check out our triggers & responses
How is this possible?

Expected Metrics

Expected Conversion (xC)™ and our other metrics don’t just report on the past. They predict the future and how likely a visitor is to take key actions. This is the value others overlook.

Business-wide benefits role-specific value

Target purchase intent

Focus your time and budget on likely buyers. Increase your ROAS, decrease your CPA and be more appropriate in your digital marketing.

How Digital Marketing teams use Intent
Respond to visitors in real time

Add a predictive lens to your online store. Prioritise appropriate trading levers based on customer intent and impact on revenue.

How Trading teams use Intent
Engage by buying stage

Make your messaging more appropriate by knowing which customers need nurturing or nudging. Repeat orders and LTV gains await.

How CRM teams use Intent
Adapt your store for each user

Improve conversion rate and user satisfaction. Optimise your store experience by focusing on customer buying stages, not just pages.

How Experience teams use Intent
Optimise your digital strategy

Give your retail business an edge that others overlook. Use customer intent to gain in-quarter sales, future revenue and a framework that scales.

How eCommerce leaders use Intent
Set up

1 Line of Code

Seriously. Our tiny script has no impact on your Core Web Vitals and tracks everything you need.


0 Personal Data

We listen to every micro-interaction and use local storage, without extra cookies or GDPR concerns.


40+ integrations

Our data and triggers work with testing tools, experience engines, ad networks, email campaigns, analytics platforms, CDPs and more.


1 bn+ interactions

Our model is trained on over 50+ eCommerce websites, increasing model accuracy by >20%.

Unlock customer intent for your ecommerce business

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