HELPING RETAILERS PREDICT AND SHIFT CUSTOMER INTENT Enter a new standard of predictive, personal eCommerce with our Customer Intent Platform's analytics and triggers.

Mike Kindon

Head of Web Operations, NBrown
Mike Kindon
Every customer is unique. Made With Intent helps us understand them and personalise their browsing experience to give them what they need.
Ollie Cload CUBITTS
Ollie Cload
Head of eCommerce, Cubitts

Holly Beadle

Holly Beadle

Tom Broughton

Founder, Cubitts
Tom Broughton
It is genius in its simplicity—focus on your customers' intent instead of treating everyone like the 2% who are ready to buy.
Jonathon Fitzgerald MAPI
Jonathon Fitzgerald
CEO & President, MAPI

Jay Lau

Head of Marketing & Ecommerce, Lullabellz
Jay Lau
NEW: Expected metrics


Our analytics and intent scoring give you a new, whole view of your customers and performance.

With Expected Conversion (xC™) and more, you can track how likely your visitors are to buy, return or abandon, then act accordingly.

Target segments


With Intent, you can find high-value customer segments and target them on or off site.

By focusing on nurturing browsers as well as converting high intent, you can get more from your resources and your customers.

Personal Selling

You don’t have to choose between being profitable or personable. Not any more.

Our triggers help retailers achieve a 9.4% average revenue uplift through subtle, appropriate nudges. No devs needed.

Intent in Action

User #113

Save Nike Air Max Plus 3 Save this item for later as a reminder for another time

Tracking Behaviour

Our tracking capture signals that infer customer intent, such as tap, search and scroll behaviour, with timing beacons.

Modelled Data

Our model predicts customer intent and buying phase based on in-moment and historic behaviour.

Buying Stage Identified

Given this customer's behaviour, our model believes they are just browsing and are not ready to buy just yet.

Intent Identified

At just a 0.04 Expected Conversion (xC™), this customer has a low likelihood to purchase within their current session.

Appropriate messaging

With low purchase intent, it makes no sense to push for a sale. Instead, we can serve appropriate nudges like brand messaging.

av. 1.5% uplift

Effective Nudges

The customer is still browsing, but encouraging them to save their item moves them closer to ordering and opens up remarketing.

av. 9.1% uplift

This is about Finding Value That Others Overlook

We call this Moneyball
For Ecommerce

How it works



See your customers' intent and reveal areas of underperformance.



Target immediate sales and future buyers, one segment at a time.



Trigger appropriate experiences based on buying stage and intent.


Be Part Of Our Limited Beta

Get a personal demo to see how Intent can unlock new revenue for you and better experiences for your customers.

Easy Integration

Get started with A Line of Code.

Seriously. Our tiny script has no impact on your Core Web Vitals or dev team, and tracks everything you need.

Privacy first

No Personal Data.Ever.

We listen to over 120 micro-interactions and use local storage. No extra cookies. No PII. No GDPR concerns.


Personalise Finally.

With one easy-to-use tool and framework, you can align your team and pull new levers to hit your goals.


Works With Your tech.

Intent is complementary. You can just use our analytics and triggers in your setup, or add in our nudges too.