Helping retailers target how people
really buy

Convert more customers by being more appropriate. Understand and target customer intent with the segmentation platform for data-led eCommerce teams.

eCommerce teams can only optimise how they sell if they understand how their customers really buy.

Yet retailers still rely on metrics and targeting that are lagging, averaged and result-focused. This is not how people shop.

To see step-change growth, this needs to change. Retail needs a new perspective to make more sales now and nurture future buyers with care.

3 ways The go-to methods fail toPut the customer first


Metrics like conversion rate are used in a way that assumes everybody is ready to buy.

But people buy in personal journeys, so we need to segment to be appropriate.


Most retailers can only look back on or react to customer needs after a session ends.

Yet people buy in real-time, so we need to predict and respond to what's next.


Most eComm reports are only focused on purchases.

Yet most people aren't ready to buy, so we need to know their buying stage to truly measure performance.


How You can use Intent to change the game

Predictive insights

Understand who is ready to buy

Our platform tracks and models 200+ signals to understand the intent of your visitors. It does this in real time (well, <300 ms) and over multiple sessions.

One script. No PII. No GDPR concerns. No problem.

Intent-based segments

Target by buying stage

Knowing who is ready to buy means you can target intent-based segments. Use the 20 options in our framework or create your own.

Using this targeting method, our customers find an average 9.4% incremental revenue uplift in <6 months.

Simple Integrations

Enrich your site, tools & data

Our platform's predictive insights can be easily integrated with your existing analytics, experiences and campaigns.

This is how you align your digital strategy with how your customers actually buy. From your store to your reports.

How is this possible?

Expected Metrics

Expected Conversion (xC)™ and our other trademark metrics don’t just report on the past. They predict how likely a visitor is to take key actions. This is the value others overlook.

Why Ecommerce teams Love intent

Optimise your digital strategy

Give your retail business an edge that others overlook. Use customer intent to gain in-quarter sales, future revenue and a framework that scales.

How eCommerce leaders use Intent
Adapt your store for each user

Improve conversion rate and user satisfaction. Optimise your store experience by focusing on customer buying stages, not just pages.

How Experience teams use Intent
Engage by buying stage

Make your messaging more appropriate by knowing which customers need nurturing or nudging. Repeat orders and LTV gains await.

How CRM teams use Intent
Target purchase intent

Focus your time and budget on likely buyers. Increase your ROAS, decrease your CPA and be more appropriate in your digital marketing.

How Digital Marketing teams use Intent
Respond to visitors in real time

Add a predictive lens to your online store. Prioritise appropriate trading levers based on customer intent and impact on revenue.

How Trading teams use Intent

Add customer intent to your ecommerce strategy

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