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Why Ecommerce teams Love intent

If you’re still scrolling, you must be having doubts or looking for something more. We get it. It’s a lot, isn’t it? The idea of suddenly being able to predict behaviour. Then using it to be more profitable and more personal. It sounds too good to be true, but hear us out.

9.4% revenue uplifts are nice, but this is something bigger. We get out of bed every day to work on this because we know it matters.

eCommerce needs a new perspective. We all need to think in buying stages, not website pages. We created Intent to give the industry it’s Moneyball moment, but it needs people like you to make this happen.

There’s more on the type of retailer we feel Intent is a fit for below, but don’t hesitate to ask us any questions on the chat tool. Down in the bottom right. Don’t worry—it’s really us on the other end.

Best for...
  • Online retailers with >£1m turnover
  • Teams with customer analytics
  • More considered purchases (we think)
  • People who want to personalise...
  • ...but don’t know where to start.
Not for...
  • Humungous or early-days retailers
  • Teams who have no data maturity...
  • ...or have a packed data science dept
  • Brands who don’t mind inefficiencies
  • People who are ok being impersonal.
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