Ways to use intent

Revealintent insights

Understand the intent of your eCommerce visitors. Use our platform or enrich the tools you already use to uncover new data and find overlooked potential.

Our script automatically pushes intent data via data layer events. This means you can explore site-wide intent insights in our platform or integrate predictive metrics into your other tech and data.

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Add intent insights to your other tech

By integrating intent data with your customer experience or analytics platforms, you get more human insights in an instant.

This unlocks both a new predictive lens and performance-based measurement. And with in-platform and manual integration options, you can get this data flowing in minutes.

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Enrich your dxp or cxp

Understand customer behaviour on another level. Integrate with experience platforms like Contentsquare to better understand and segment your store experience by intent.

Enhance analytics

Add intent to your visitor and journey data. Integrate with analytics platforms like GA4 to segment traffic source, events and more by customer intent.

Why Ecommerce teams Love intent

use cases

See traffic intent composition

Review the composition of your website visitors in the Intent platform to answer the question: "How many of my visitors are ready to buy?"

Analyse third party features

Analyse how your third party platforms are performing with intent data. Do they work for users who just browsing? Would they have purchased anyway?

Measure Paid traffic quality

Understand which paid campaigns are driving positive traffic by seeing what level of intent and buying stage relevant visitors reach.

Add customer intentto your ecommerce strategy

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1 Line of Code

Seriously. Our tiny script has no impact on your Core Web Vitals and tracks everything you need.


0 Personal Data

We listen to every micro-interaction and use local storage, without extra cookies or GDPR concerns.


40+ integrations

Our data and triggers work with testing tools, experience engines, ad networks, email campaigns, analytics platforms, CDPs and more.


1 bn+ interactions

Our model is trained on over 50+ eCommerce websites, increasing model accuracy by >20%.