Intent for eCommerce CRM & Loyalty

Engage by buying stage

Make your messaging more appropriate by knowing which customers need nurturing or nudging. Repeat orders and LTV gains await.

loyalty goes
both ways

With all the privacy changes, KPIs and siloed data, it’s easy to forget. Each row in our databases represents a person. It’s time to listen, learn and be - well - loyal. 

Intent lets you personalise comms and onsite experiences based on what each customer needs. It also integrates with your CDP, CRM or analytics, giving you a single view.

Behavioural segments

Enrich your data with customer intent

With intent data, you can do more for your reporting as well as your customers. You can segment by buying stage or propensity to return. You can also see how your initiatives nudge previous buyers towards another purchase—not just whether they bought or not.

Real-time targeting

More opt-ins to your email database

By listening to your visitors, you can surface email sign ups and relevant incentives at the right time. Not all the time, or just the first time. This increases your email database and decreases your cost of acquisition. All without getting in the way of would-be buyers.

New perspective

More Options for a personal touch

Adding intent-based prediction to your CRM means you can personalise your campaigns more effectively.

Tailor emails to behavioural segments or affinities. Deliver the right message based on where people are in their buying journey. Opens and CTR will surge.

Why Ecommerce teams Love intent

Add customer intent to your CRM initiatives

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CRM use cases

Target discounts

Don’t discount if you don't have to. Maintain your brand and your bottom line by only giving money off when it makes a difference.

See traffic intent composition

Review the composition of your website visitors in the Intent platform to answer the question: "How many of my visitors are ready to buy?"

Target third party features

Target your third party features (like recommendation engines or live chat providers) on the intent of the user, not just their location on site.