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Intent Metrics

Track visitor intent and buying stages in real time. Add new predictive data to tech you’re already using, so you can analyse and respond in a more human way.

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How Intent Metrics Work

Intent signals
ListenTo intent signals

In the real world, 93% of communication is non-verbal. They are signals. The same is true online.

Our platform collects over 250 intent signals while your visitors are on your site. These small interactions give you context on customers. We just pay more attention than most.

Intent Model
Modeldata into intent

These signals are then modelled in our proprietary eCommerce LLM—trained on over 50 international retailers. This is how we turn onsite interactions into intent.

Inferences are interpreted and predicted in near real-time (<300 ms), benchmarked against other retailers.

What this makes possible

Intent Metrics
PredictActions & Stages

Our model produces predictive metrics for each individual visitor in real time. Intent to purchase, abandon, return, add to bag or progress are all updated over time.

Combined with momentum, journey data and buying stage predictions - such as browsing, evaluating or committing - you now have a better understanding of each customer.

Predictive Insights
Act on intentin the tech you use

You can integrate this data into other platforms, from your analytics or CDP to your advertising or experience tools. This unlocks more human insights and targeting.

Intent data is also presented in an overview in our platform. This gives you a site-wide overview and lets you target segments based on behaviour—just like in a real store.

The 3 game-changing ways How you can use this


Segment and test using intent to discover overlooked opportunities for immediate and future growth.

Respond In-Session

React to customer intent by delivering a more appropriate shopping experience in real time.

Reengage Post-Visit

Align your offsite comms and return to site experience with the intent of past visitors.

  • 2-minute setup
    Just put our tiny script in your <head> or tag manager.
  • More Data
    Compared to 100+ eCommerce implementations.
  • No PII
    Just GDPR-compliant behavioural insights.

Why Ecommerce teams Love intent

Optimise your digital strategy

Give your retail business an edge that others overlook. Use customer intent to gain in-quarter sales, future revenue and a framework that scales.

How eCommerce leaders use Intent
Adapt your store for each user

Improve conversion rate and user satisfaction. Optimise your store experience by focusing on customer buying stages, not just pages.

How Experience teams use Intent
Engage by buying stage

Make your messaging more appropriate by knowing which customers need nurturing or nudging. Repeat orders and LTV gains await.

How CRM teams use Intent
Target purchase intent

Focus your time and budget on likely buyers. Increase your ROAS, decrease your CPA and be more appropriate in your digital marketing.

How Digital Marketing teams use Intent
Respond to visitors in real time

Add a predictive lens to your online store. Prioritise appropriate trading levers based on customer intent and impact on revenue.

How Trading teams use Intent

Add customer intent to your ecommerce strategy

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