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Give your retail business an edge that others overlook. Use customer intent to gain in-quarter sales, future revenue and a framework that scales.

Know how
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eCommerce is changing. We’re having to do more with less, in a cookie-less era. But one thing never changes. The brands who know their customers best, do the best.

Intent’s data gives you this edge. With no extra media spend or added time, it unlocks a 9.4% average revenue increase. This is why we call it Moneyball for eCommerce.

Expected performance

Prioritise areas of opportunity

Intent applies a new, predictive view of behaviours across your tech. Our expected metrics not only reveal customer insight, but areas of underperformance. You can then focus your resources where the real value is.

The Intent framework

Align your team & your tech

While Intent can be used in a silo, each team that adopts it acts as a force multiplier. Our insights and segments are designed to integrate and add value across every function—from acquisition to analysis.

Strategic balance

Play to win the long & short game

Being able to identify which visitors are ready to buy lets you balance your short- and long-term targets.

Convert the high-intent customers who are ready to buy. Nurture the browsers so they come back in the future. Optimise for the individual, onsite and off it.

Why Ecommerce teams Love intent

Add customer intent to your eCommerce strategy

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Leadership use cases

See traffic intent composition

Review the composition of your website visitors in the Intent platform to answer the question: "How many of my visitors are ready to buy?"

Analyse third party features

Analyse how your third party platforms are performing with intent data. Do they work for users who just browsing? Would they have purchased anyway?

Measure Paid traffic quality

Understand which paid campaigns are driving positive traffic by seeing what level of intent and buying stage relevant visitors reach.

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