Intent for eCommerce Experience & Optimisation

Adapt your
store for
each user

Improve conversion rate and user satisfaction. Optimise your store experience by focusing on customer buying stages, not just pages.

their stages, 
not your pages

There’s only so many ways you can optimise a web page until the impact and ideas start to slow. But what if we shifted focus? What if we target the person, not the conversion?

Intent lets you optimise experiences based on the buying stage of a user, not just the page they are on. It unlocks new ways to drive scalable growth through relevant experiments.

Competitive edge

Ideas & impact that others overlook

Understanding intent is not only how you do more human selling, but how you get more people buying.

Intent can give you a 9.4% average revenue uplift compared to generic optimisation. You also get new ways to target other KPIs, from AOV to exits.

A new perspective

Predict your performance

Go beyond retrospective results and fluffy forecasts. Our expected metrics unlock a predictive view of visitor actions. This helps you measure quality of traffic, not just quantity. It also helps you to prioritise on where your experience is underperforming.

expected conversion
Complementary scale

Get personal from every angle

Intent lets you apply behavioural data across your entire tech stack. This means you can target tests at relevant audiences through any channel.

You can also roll out consistent segmentation across your business, making cross-functional analysis and collaboration much easier.

Why Ecommerce teams Love intent

Add customer intent to your experience work

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Experience use cases

Target discounts

Don’t discount if you don't have to. Maintain your brand and your bottom line by only giving money off when it makes a difference.

Analyse third party features

Analyse how your third party platforms are performing with intent data. Do they work for users who just browsing? Would they have purchased anyway?

Add intent to AB tests

Integrate customer intent data with AB testing tools to allow you to target more appropriate experiments to in-flight visitors.

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