Intent for eCommerce Trading & Merchandising

Respond to visitors
in real time

Add a predictive lens to your online store. Prioritise appropriate trading levers based on customer intent and impact on revenue.

Tailor your store for every visitor

Trading is a game of balance. Of short and long term. Of pricing and margin. Of how to convert potential buyers without putting off browsers.

With Intent, you can align your product and promotions with customer buying stages in real time. From the content you show to only discounting when it pays.

More human selling

Sell in real time, like in real life

Our script lets you listen to the signals every visitor gives you. You know, like you would face-to-face. This lets you make your store more personal, by adapting it based on visitor buying stages, segments and affinities.


Know what lever will make the sale

Guess what happens when you optimise product placements and promotions based on what your customers tell you? More revenue. More relevance. More good news in your weekly meeting.

Repeatable growth

See what impacts performance

Intent gives you actionable, behavioural insights on visitor purchase journeys.

You can quantify the impact of merchandising on buying stages with dashboards and reports. You can also add this data to all your crucial tech, with integrations for everything from CDPs to experience tools.

Why Ecommerce teams Love intent

Add customer intent to your Trading insights

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Trading use cases

See traffic intent composition

Review the composition of your website visitors in the Intent platform to answer the question: "How many of my visitors are ready to buy?"

Analyse third party features

Analyse how your third party platforms are performing with intent data. Do they work for users who just browsing? Would they have purchased anyway?

Measure Paid traffic quality

Understand which paid campaigns are driving positive traffic by seeing what level of intent and buying stage relevant visitors reach.

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