Intent for eCommerce Digital Marketing


Focus your time and budget on likely buyers. Increase your ROAS, decrease your CPA and be more appropriate in your digital marketing.

More human 
selling = More 
people buying

We’re all feeling it. Customer acquisition costs are rising. Conversion rates are stalling. ROI is getting harder to prove. The go-to playbooks are diminishing, so what can you do?

With Intent, you can start to see your customers’ buying stages, not just as visitors to pages. You can optimise your targeting and campaigns based on who is ready to buy.

Effective efficiency

Optimise spend on high intent

Focus your paid media strategies on your highest value customers. Prioritise those with high intent and reengage those who show the signs of buying. Remarket to users who demonstrate intent for a product, not just affinity.

behavioural targeting

Personalise by buying stage

Personalise your paid campaigns dependent on what stage of the buying journey a customer is in. Are they in need of brand nurturing or urgency messaging to drive them to conversion?

Measure performance

Understand your traffic quality

Understand the performance of the traffic you are paying for. Don’t just measure whether visitors converted or not. Use their intent to understand if they were ever likely to. Know if your spend is well spent, or needs realigning.

Why Ecommerce teams Love intent

Add customer intent to your Digital Marketing

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