Product Overview

From intent
to action

A new predictive measure. A more personal way to sell online. Five years in the making, but not architecturally possible until now. Here’s how it works.

Our platform unlocks customer intent in 3 simple steps


Understand the intent of your visitors and the quality of your traffic.

Get into the model & analytics

Reveal your areas of opportunity and what to do about them.

Read up on segments & insights

Target segments appropriately in real time across your tech stack.

Check out our triggers
See your visitors' intent

Our tracking script, data model and analytics turn all of your visitor behaviour into actionable insight. 
This gives you a new view on the quality of your visitors, not just how many of them there are.

Get into the model & analytics
RevealAreas of opportunity

Our Segments, Insights and Recommendations show you who to target and what to do next automatically. This gives you clarity on immediate and long-term revenue potential based on buying stage, not website page.

Read up on segments & insights
Targetpeople appropriately

Our triggers let you apply intent data across your martech stack. This means you can intervene or adjust messaging based on buyer needs—in real-time on your site or in offsite campaigns.

Check out our triggers & responses

More Care.
More CVR.

By changing your messaging and elements based on customer intent, you can be more personal and more profitable—like Cubitts.

conversion rate

Come back.
Carry on.

By helping your customers pick up where they left off, you can remove friction and get them back into their purchase journey—like HERA.

Engagement rate


By predicting abandon intent rather than waiting for customers to head for the exit, you can intervene more effectively—like MAPI.

Email Signups
Set up

1 Line of Code

Seriously. Our tiny script has no impact on your Core Web Vitals and tracks everything you need.


40+ integrations

Our data and triggers work with testing tools, experience engines, ad networks, email campaigns, analytics platforms, CDPs and more.


5 expected metrics

Our trademarked 0-1 predictor metrics reveal the likelihood of customers taking key eCommerce actions.


1 bn+ interactions

Our model is trained on over 50+ eCommerce websites, increasing model accuracy by >20%.

  • 2-minute setup
    Just put our tiny script in your <head> or tag manager.
  • More Data
    Compared to 100+ eCommerce implementations.
  • No PII
    Just GDPR-compliant behavioural insights.

Why Ecommerce teams Love intent

Unlock customer intent for your ecommerce business

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